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Suffering with the Ego

Thoughts on Meditations for June 25, 2020

Continuing on this journey through reducing suffering by de-identification, the ego has a part to play in your suffering too.

From p 109, 110, the Bhagavad Gita by Paramahansa Yogananda:

"In sleep, man gets a glimpse of the soul. When the ego sleeps, it takes with it into the subconscious, in a latent way, its experiences. Indirectly in sleep, the ego has to forsake its titles, possessions, name and form. The senses are absorbed into the mind, the mind into the intellect and the intellect into the ego. But the possibility of disturbances has not been removed. These faculties have merely become inactive and shrunken, but are yet ready to express themselves again in dreaming or in waking. In the deepest dreamless sleep, man contacts the blissful pure ego or soul; but because he enters this state unconsciously, he loses the spiritual benefit of it. If he can go into this state consciously, in samadhi meditation, spiritual growth is at his command. The pure conscious feeling of "I exist" is then ready to be absorbed into the highest realization of soul consciousness.

Daily in sleep, every man becomes a renunciant, sloughing off all his sham titles; and once in a while he even becomes a saint. But because of sense habits during the conscious state, he cannot preserve that non-attachment while actively engaged in duties."

It has been said that you can program your brain before you go to sleep so that you have experiences for that intention, whether it's to solve a problem with actual solutions. Sometimes you are just too tired and you want to relax and be. Compassion to yourself is paramount.

"If man can for a sufficient length of time remain unidentified with his thoughts and sensations, without being in a blank or unconscious state, he will know his true Self through undistorted pure intuition. Thus the absolute calmness of deep meditation is the only way the ego consciousness can be eliminated. Having removed the crystal of undeveloped intuition that was reflecting the soul in a distorted way, there is no longer any conflict in the yogi as to his true identity."

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