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BeNrgy strives to better the human condition with vitality to live with fulfillment. This is done through Qigong, Yin Yoga and Cycling.

Qigong, a dynamic exercise made popular 2000 years ago based on Classical Chinese Medicine, is used to increase and sustain your energy levels, to strengthen and protect your three treasures and your five organ network that govern your immune system. Practiced daily, it activates your energy through your meridians, works and rebalances the muscles and fascia in your body and brings clarity and focus, all to maximize your human potential.

Yin Yoga is a meditative stillness practice used for overall recovery and gaining flexibility by addressing the connective tissues and fascia through your body. Practiced on a regular basis, it provides calm and refreshes you entirely, when you need it, in a world that is full of Yang.

Cycling training on a bicycle, whether it’s indoors or outside, builds aerobic fitness by working your legs and lungs. The intentions for this exercise can be for sport, competition or just general enjoyment.

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