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Life off the bike

It’s been only three days since I’ve been on a bike, but I’m already feeling withdrawal symptoms. So desperate and motivated am I to ride that I borrowed a fellow racer’s bike and built it in 12 hours. Why so long to build a bike? Internal cable routing. While many rejoice in such a clean design, when you build it, it’s far from clean. As a mechanic, it’s messy, involved and very cumbersome. Threading the needle with cable is far from straightforward. There’s a lot of trial and error.



Of course, this was the first time I ever built one, and doing so takes immense concentration, intuition and patience. (Also a great knowledge in expletive vocabulary.)



Having finally completed the bike in the wee hours, basically two nights in a row of late night wrenching, I can honestly say, I will never, ever build my own bike if it has internal cable routing. It makes me more appreciative of the mechanics I rely on at the bike shop.

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