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The Act of Being Free

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The past meditations was a guide to de-identify yourself from all labels whether they were put there by someone else or yourself. That was all internal. Now focusing on the external, you can further detach from what's outside of you for seeing them as they are without holding on:

"Focus on going beyond all of nature and all worldly attachments. To be bound to worldly nature is certainly not the purpose of life. Focus instead on the Eternal that lies beyond this worldliness. Concentrate on freeing yourself from the tyranny of the so-called pairs of opposites. Release yourself from always trying to evaluate and judge everything. Disentangle from your habit pattern of seeing things as good or bad, lovable or hateful, pleasant or painful, and so forth. The tendency to get trapped in apparent opposites is a common and debilitating malady. Instead, remain tranquil and centered in the Self (Atma). Take care not to seek acclaim or acquire earthly objects."

[From The Bhagavad Gita by Jack Hawley, Ch. 2, p20 verse 45]

If you recall, your habits are innate depending on your role in your work or everyday life. There is a style and way of thinking that creates your habits. This is ingrained into your value system as well. Consider changing, augmenting or even eliminating your beliefs and values, one by one, and belief and value system just a moment that qualifies your habits. When you see them for what they are without opinion and subjectivity, you can then question them altogether. Then let go all those beliefs, values and self-talk that no longer serves you. Then fill it back up with all those things that you are grateful for and retain or create new beliefs and values based on your gratitude. That way, you will be on the path to be truly free.

In Good Qi,


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