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How Developed is your Intuition?

"Don't believe everything you think."

I say this because your mind can play tricks on you. (And it's all over Buddhist's texts.) And this only comes from the realization through meditation when you're in a state of calm instead of thinking the thousand thoughts a second that your monkey-mind and run with. While your mind is useful as a tool, it is fallible if you don't use your other faculties - the Five Powers that I mentioned in my previous blog post.

But what's more important than your mind, is in fact your "second brain" - your gut, also known as your intuition. And that's what people mean when they say they "follow their gut" - that their intuition is telling them something their brain is not. Recent studies have also shown that the gut or stomach, is inextricably linked to your brain and it can operate in a similar function. Which also means that when you feed yourself junk, you get junk because your state of being is a mess. But when you eat nourishing food, everything about you vibrates higher. Good in, good out.

Your intuition is another way to empower yourself. As Paramahansa Yogananda puts it:

"Intuition is like a light, a flame of knowledge that comes from the soul. It possesses all-sided power to know all there is to be known. Every man inherently possesses something of this power; but in most people, it is undeveloped. This undeveloped intuition is a crystal placed before the soul, producing a double image. The soul itself is the real image; the reflection is unreal - the ego or psuedosoul. The more undeveloped the intuition is, the more distorted the ego image will be. When human life is guided by this false identity, which is brought about by the presence of undeveloped intuition, it is subject to all the limitations and false notions of delusion. A chaotic existence of error and its consequences is therefore inevitable."

What then, are some of the ways that you develop your intuition? Do you meditate? Do you think it's enough? Are there other ways you can develop it? And really, how connected are you to your soul? Do you embody what your soul tells you about itself or yourself?

Imagine that you're an onion. With each and every day, you can peel back the layers to reveal yourself. It can take some time as long as you know it will be worth it to align yourself, your ego with that of your soul. What then, are some actions you can take so that your existence has parity?

Feel free to leave your responses in comments.

In Good Qi,


[Excerpt from p108, The Bhagavad Gita by Paramahansa Yogananda, 2012]

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